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Bayside Christmas Trees delivers trees from Wednesday 29th November - Wednesday 6th December 2023.

Make sure you book your tree well in advance as we sold out early last year.

We are now booked out for delivery from Wednesday 28th November until Saturday  2nd December,  you can now book for delivery on Sunday 3rd December until Wednesday 6th December.

When you book and purchase one of our Monterey Pine Christmas Trees your tree is delivered directly to your door by our fabulous friendly staff.   You also have the option of having the tree left at the front door if no one is home. (leave the tree stand or a bucket with water out so we can place the tree in it) If you choose this option, Bayside Christmas Trees does not take any responsibility should your tree be stolen or removed by someone else when you are not home. 


PLEASE NOTE: All trees are delivered to the front door only.  Bayside Christmas Trees is unable to provide installations (within the home) for Christmas 2023.  We will assist outside if time permits and it is a Cinco stand.

We only deliver to the Bayside suburbs. Please check the homepage of this site to ensure we deliver to your suburb before placing an order.


Bayside Christmas Trees only provides freshly cut quality Christmas Trees.  We only offer returns in extreme circumstances.  No refunds are permitted.  When you purchase a tree from Bayside Christmas trees you agree that the tree you receive may not look identical to the picture as in diameter or straightness.  At time of cutting however we endeavour to pick the best and straightest trees for our customers. 


We accept credit card  and direct deposit for all deliveries and bookings made online. 

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